Why Social Media Marketing is Important For Businesses?

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, You need go beyond just posting. You need Creativity & Strategy to target Niche Audience. In the points gives below you will know Why social media is that important for your business. Microinch Hub Pvt ltd is one of the best Social Media Marketing services Agency In Mumbai, India. We build your strong Social Media Presence which stand out as a brand with unique content marketing, Brand positioning, Online reputation Building and many more things.

social Media Marketing Agency In Mumbai India Microinch Hub

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social Media Marketing Agency In Mumbai India Microinch HUb
1. If Your Business is not Online then you are loosing Revenue.
According to statistics of India, India’s population is 130 cr and 2019 – Statistics 55 cr is right now using the internet and as per the increased rate of internet users as assume statistics the number of internet users will increased from 75 cr to 82 cr. So Just imagine how many people are using internet today, that internet users are more on social media now a days. So If your Business is not online and your business is not present on internet, then how you are going to lose your revenue.
2. Create A Brand (Brand Awareness) and Communicate with customers
Around half of the population of the world is using Social media on average of  3.5 hours a day. As per experience of many out reach and grown brands, Social media has help them to grow and reach world wide. It is the natural place to target and reach the maximum number of potential audience in limited time period. 
3. To Build Trust and Stay On Top Of Mind Of Your Audience 
 As per statistics and research more that 1/2 of population who are using Social Media platforms do not trust the brand directly until they saw the proof about the brand commitment, that really the brand has keep his promises or not. Their are so many users who login to their social media accounts twice or thrice a day, So whenever they Login into their accounts and always saw post regarding your brand or business they will remember you for quite log time as you have recognize them about you many times. We are expert at Microinch Hub with Social Media Marketing Services in Mumbai India.
4. Lead Generation, Remarketing and Conversion
 With the help of Social Media Ads Manager we can generate Leads for your customers and very reasonable cost. Leads for your business will be from your potential and relevant customers as per your target area, age, demograph and gender. You also remarket your targeted audience with the help of social media. Conversion can also be track with the help of conversion campaign. All this above things will increase the revenue of your business if you use them in a right way according to your business needs.
5. Boost Your Sales
Yes, Its true Social Media actually boost your sales 2x, 3x and more times. Because now your brand awareness is created among your targeted audience and people know about your brand they trust your services and products , So their is no doubt that your business is going to have a great J Curve in its revenue.
6. Benefits Of Social Media Marketing Services with Microinch Hub in Mumbai 
 – Social Media will drive huge Traffic to your websites.
– Keeps you Communication valuable rather than promotional.
– Share blogs, Upcoming offers. Information and many more.
– Keep Eye on Competitors.

– Experience to the global exposure market.
– Go Viral.
– Huge Network Audience
– Learning Many Things 

Social Media Marketing Services Agency in Mumbai, India

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Our Social Media Marketing Services in Mumbai Process

Competitive Analysis

We study and find the right competitor in your market area. The analysis is to determine the strength and weaknesses of your competitor to apply a perfect strategy on social media marketing services for clients. It is not a good idea to ignore what our competitors are doing on the social media platform. So we research, we analyze then we execute the best marketing strategy that will generate an asset, competitors do not have, which will provide you with a specific and enduring competitive advantage.


Planning the best Social media strategy is very important in the process as we first need to know the Niche market and targeted audience. Accordingly we make a monthly Social Media Marketing Services planner for your business. Planner contains the daily and monthly marketing strategy of your business which might be change seasonally or monthly based upon the occupation and occasions. The planning of planner needs the perfect understanding of your business for goal setting for upcoming months. Everything will act according to the planner approved by the business head itself. Planning makes us easy to clear and the short term goals.


After designing a perfect post and monthly planner for your business. All the content , Creative and strategies develop and design by Microinchub Team is send to the client for approval and then action plan is perform on the Monthly created planner. All the communication is done on Trello Platform for easy, smooth and healthy relationship. Trello board keeps all the records and copies of work done by each and every team by particular department and client also stay updated regarding his/her work. Client approval makes our team to perform the best in social media marketing.

Creative & Content

As it is the most important part of Social Media to grab attention through Eye-catching creatives and Problem-solving content. The content should just go beyond representing the brand, it should be more customer friendly and Engaging which will provide some value to them to buy or purchase your product or services. As per 2019 statistics Video is ruling on the Internet today. People on social media are more attractive and usable to the video content. The content which have some emotions will not take any marketing budget to go viral, the right and useful content is share over the internet and go viral just in a seconds, You just need to give a right action and direction to your content.

Analysis & Report

We analyze the process daily posting and other activities to see what’s happening across all social media platform. If it is good then we send you the report. Many changes and Improvements are done on the platform according to customers feedback. The report of social media marketing is very important which show us how was the performance throughout the month. what needs to be improve and which point has become our strong part in marketing. Due to analysis report we can generate the ROI strategy according to progress percentage. Analysis gives us the clear Idea about the osition Brand is holdig in the market at present position. Everthing is online and which makes us easy to understant it also.

Execute & Deliver

After your process approval, we execute the plan and deliver to your social media platforms across the internet. The Execution of Social Media Marketing Plan is done by social media manager who updates all the work of designer and content writer on social media platform at right time according to active set of audience. Social Media Manager provides all the task related to Social media Platform such as update the post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Any updates of lead or enquires are deliver to the clients as per sales by the manager. Also the execution of tasks depends upon the revenue model of your business. Because last thing that remains in Social media Marketing (Paid & Organic) is sales.

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