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Tasneem Shah who is a professional Internation baker and founder of ‘The Chocolate Factory’. She is one of the most loved bakers from Navi Mumbai. Tasneem started her journey with home made chocolates in 2009.

The most loved flavor going out of The Chocolate Factory, is you ask…ummm , would have to be the moist Belgian chocolate cake in terms of popularity, but one cake that has catapulted us into limelight is Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, nobody who’s ever had it has ever forgotten the taste of it!

Objectives :


Brand Launching


Social Media Marketing


Brand Awareness


Step 1

Requirement Gathering

Firstly we tried to understand your business and your business goals. We collects all the usefull information that we we need for marketing.

Step 2

Planning & Execution

We create a monthly plan about latest trends and shoots. We plan cake baking decoration workshop as per market standard, Collaborate with similar business people.

Step 3

Delivery | Results

Deliver the expected admission for workshops. Depending upon the quality of leads and campaign performance we tried to generate maximum ROI for businesses.

Step 4


We belive in contineous improvements and innovation. Also we analize our previous campaign to learn and provide more effective results.

Results That we have Achived

Client Work
Client Work
client work
client work


She is super satisfied with our work. And we are still working together to spread the love of baking and cake decoration together.