Business Marketing Strategies And Sales

Digital Marketing services in mumbai microinch hub
Digital Marketing services in mumbai microinch hub

Marketing and sales have a great impact on your business you are dealing with. Logically Marketing & Sales are two different terms in Business.

➡️ Increase the Recall value of your Product or Services.➡️ Support the Sales and functions➡️ Product Unique strategy & Unique Strength which gives recall value.



➡️ Increase in Revenue➡️ Helps in Sale➡️ Increase Top Line Balance Sheet 
Following are the 7 Marketing Strategies which will have a direct impact on your sales with the marketing recall value.

1. Niche Marketing:- This is one of the interesting specific types of marketing which deals with specific demographic, specific geographic and specific psychology of people. Very specifically targeting the specific detailed target audiences decreasing the marketing competition and capturing the target Giving – specific Customer – a specific Product – at specific Price.

2. Trade Show Marketing:- Trade show marketing is getting more popular nowadays. The Industries are going very fast, the people related to that industry come under one roof of the target. This market which contains all sorts of the product under one roof is called a trade show marketing. 

3. Social Media Marketing:- Too many users belong to this category. As per statistics, the number of users in 2021 will be increased by from75% on Social Media. The customer itself will promote your product on social media if he like that product or services. With this marketing, you can retarget the same customer and do remarketing of your Business.

4. Freebie Marketing:- You will find it simple to here about the freebie but there are huge marketing strategies behind this module to grab the customer’s attention. This strategy gives the low-value small item in free so high-value Item with high price item, easy to free Ebook, Free seminars, Free soft drinks, etc.

5. Undercover Marketing:- This is one kind of hidden style of marketing which is also called buzz marketing. They work secretly at the backend a create a positive vibe for the coming of our services and products. In this Undercover marketing slowly, we focus on building excitement about the product, curiosity what is next now?  energy regarding the product.

6. Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing:- 

Outbound – Calling the customer or pushing the customer to purchase your product through banner ads, Hoardings. You are displaying your information to the people through the physical platform.

eg. Telemarketing, Cold calling, letter, TV Commercially, Radio commercially

InBound –It’s like a magnetic force attracting the opposite pole of the magnet- meaning is that attracting your customers by showing your value of a product. In this type of marketing, the customer comes to you by searching the value product of your brand, you don’t have to make efforts to bring the customer.
eg. Blogging, Email, Social Media, SEO, webinars

7. Cross Promotions:- In this type of marketing two brands having the same targeting customer but with a different product, this will increase your marketing reach and the budget remains the same. Both brands have many advantages in doing cross Promotions.

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